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INTERVENTION OF THE SUN - this is both a book and a poetic evening in Vinnitsa

On October 12 in Vinnitsa there was an evening-presentation of the bilingual book of this year "Intervention of the Sun". Poems of Alexander Korotko translated into Ukrainian vinnichanka Ludmila Brendak. On her initiative, the poet met with the creative intelligentsia of the city. This is the third poetic evening in Vinnitsa, and all passed with unchanged success.

Each similar event has its own program, so this time - the evening was literary and musical. The composer and the head of the vocal ensemble "Zirnitsa" Olga Janushkevich wrote more than ten songs for verses by Alexander Korotko, which were performed.

The Vinnytsia public is special. The audience and listeners warmly received poetry in the author's performing, guest appearances of the evening, musicians and vocalists.

The sea of flowers, the incessant applause, the queue for the autograph of Alexander Korotko, and, most importantly, the enlightened faces of all those whose soul is set for good poetry, is this not a testimony to sincerity in assessing the poet's work?

A big thanks to all the organizers and participants. Here are their names:

Lyudmila Brendak               

prose writer, poet, translator (Vinnitsa)


Tatyana Melnik

Director of the Vinnytsia Regional Teachers' House


Ivan Stepurin

the head of publishing house "SUMMIT-book" (Kiev)


Dmitry Chistyak

poet, prose writer, translator, literary critic,

Associate Professor of the Department of Romance Philology of Kiev

National University named after T. G. Shevchenko

Olga Yanushkevich

composer, leader of the people's

vocal ensemble "Zirnitsa" (Vinnitsa)


Svetlana Leontieva, Tatyana Melnik,

Olga Nagornaya, Vitaliy Voloshchuk

performers of Olga Yanushkevich's songs

on verses by Alexander Korotko

The full version of the poetry evening can be found here: