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«Haifa» supplemented the collection of the writer’s novels

Alexander Korotko responded to the invitation of the head of the “Summit-Book” publishing house, Ivan Stepurin, to become a member of the project "The City of Chestnut Happiness" and wrote the short story "Haifa". Ivan Stepurin published this work on his Facebook page with the comment: “An endlessly touching and tender story-reminiscence of a writer, poet-philosopher, member of the Writers' Union of Israel, academician of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature.”

The project involves the creation of short stories, essays, and novels - creations on a given topic: one of the important days or happy personal moments of your life. The best of written will be published in the collection, which the “Summit-Book” publishing house intends to release.

It is already clear that the short story by Alexander Korotko will take a worthy place in this project. “Haifa” was noticed and reprinted on the page of the community “Jewish World of Ukraine”, it is read on Facebook: “I read it in one go ... Thank you, Sasha!” - wrote Marina Kinakh; “A very warm essay. Gamma of feelings ... and tender sons love, and soft humor, and sadness, and pain,” – these are the words of Olga Ilchuk.

A fragment of the novel “Haifa” and the novel “Son” are published on the Home page today. Both things about the writer’s dad - Shimon Korotko, an amazing man who believes deeply, who gave the Jewish community in Crimea many years of his life, the Jewish cultural center in Simferopol - “Hesed Shimon” is named after him, entering this center eyes fall on his portrait painted by the friend of the family artist Sergei Polyakov. To Shimon Korotko, a remarkably kind and wise man, people came for advice, for help in difficult situations. And he was the head of a large family - a loving husband, father, grandfather.

The full text of the novel “Haifa” you may read here: