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And again the lyrics of Alexander Korotko

This is one of the most productive themes in Russian poetry. Lyrics of Alexander Korotko is in the field of philosophy, avant-garde, poetic freedom, it is incredibly figurative and emotionally richly colored, be it a landscape, feelings or an appeal to other types of art - painting, music, good photography. Not so long ago, at the end of July, on the main page of the site and the accompanying text in the News, we already familiarized readers with samples of philosophical lyrics, but this poetic layer of Korotko is so extensive that you can endlessly refer to it, admiring the skill or tracing the fate of one or another works.

Many lyric poems became songs thanks to the composer Inna Pushkar, and to one of the best early love poems (Moonlight Sonata) he wrote beautiful music in the rhythm of a samba, and then Alexander Malinin sang; also in the performing retrospective - the voices of Nikolai Karachentsov, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Irina Skazina and many, many others.

Sergey Yurskiy selected  bright lyrics for reading from the stage and recording the album “Along the Silence”.

Lyric poems have been translated and are being translated into Ukrainian, English, Hebrew, other languages, and of course, into French. And visitors to Alexander Korotko's Facebook page always highly rate publications of this genre, not skimping on comments.

Love lyrics in the poet's work are represented by the poem "Beloved by the Sun" and poems of different years. Behind the lines of poetry lies a whole palette of feelings, from the subtlest shades - to deafening passion. Love lyrics of Korotko sensual, sincere, frank, but at the same time sublime.

There are two more beautiful poems on the main page of the site: "Hand in hand ..." from early poetry and "Date", written recently.