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A new look at the Alexander Korotko’s poem “Abraham and Isaak”

          This poem, written in 2007 - 2008, was published more than once, sounded in the author's reading on the Israeli radio "Reka", it was translated into other languages ​​- the creation has become a history already. However, over the time, interest in it did not fade. Having come to the attention of literary critics, translators, and publishers, the poem does not leave indifferent many of them, there is a need to speak, analyze and note the unconditional advantages of the author's text.       

  So, this thing got a curator, writer and scholarly philologist Dmitry Drozdovsky (holder of many other regalia), from which information was spread among specialists of his circle.

The Jewish poet (Yiddish), ethnographer and literary critic, Doctor of Philology, Professor Velvl Chernin (Israel) wrote his review of this poem in the form of a critical article or even a foreword to its possible publication, and the wonderful master of the poetic word Michael Pursglove (London) translated into English. The author is immensely grateful to everyone who appreciated his work so highly and made it possible for English-speaking readers, and those who speak Hebrew, to get to know the opinions of professionals.     This article in Hebrew and English has taken its place on the appropriate page of the site, and we invite visitors to get acquainted with this example of talented criticism: