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News publication in the Kiev Radugha magazine

The first this year's double issue of the Raduga magazine published information about the regular session of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature:


"At the end of January, the annual session of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature was held at the Paris Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in which scientists and cultural figures from more than 30 countries took part. The Secretary-General of EASAL,


Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor Nicole Lemer d'Agagio, in particular, noted "the need for greater dynamism in the European poetic movement." And the high effectiveness of the international contest of poetry "Love for freedom" testifies to the "survivability" of poetry ...


The session was solemnly awarded to 26 laureates of the contest. Among them - the famous Ukrainian poet Alexander Korotko. He was also awarded the Honorary Medal of the EASAL and was elected as a full member of this Academy ... "