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The quotes about Alexander Korotko’s prose and poetry from his personal correspondence

 The site has published critical articles dedicated to the work of Alexander Korotko, written by Ukrainian writer and literary critic Dmitriy Drozdovskiy and Michael Pursglove, an English poet and translator. Alexander Korotko actively collaborates with both of them.You may read here:

Besides the professional articles, there are many statements about the poetry and the prose of Korotko, contained in the extensive correspondence of three writers. The brightest reviews (with the permission of the authors) are offered to visitors with a request not to consider them as orderly compliments, but as a dialogue of creative personalities

Dmitriy Drozdovskiy:

«When I read texts of such power I literally light up. This is a great joy, because deep inside I live in the meanings, the meanings of the literature. And you managed to reach a level that our literature has not yet had».«In general, we need an Institute to distribute projects such as your literature in the world, because it is filled with meanings. This is not a game of literature for the sake of small benefits; it is the creation of literature as a space of meanings, without which a person cannot be called a Man».«The text <essay "Code of the Eternity of Celan"> is such that it "shakes" you from it. And there is a very strong ending about mom. There is skillful epic-lyrical "syllable" - confessional-gentle and deep in grasping the phenomena of reality.«A big shock from your poem <"Towards the Dawn">: how powerful this text is, which reminded me of notes by Brodskiy, Yesenin, and Vaginov. I reflected on him again at the night and could not fall asleep until I found such reflections consisting of tectonic debris and magma of this amazing work of art».«You are ABOVE the current trends, because it is such literature that inspires, it is talented. We all know that. Michael is very thrilled about such poetry and philosophy».

Michael Pursglove: «He <Alexander Korotko> lives by his poems. <...> I have not met such a powerful writer for a long time».
«I am happy that we have such a fantastic and productive cooperation. He is a brilliant author».      
«I think that <Alexander Korotko> goes beyond the framework of modern literary trends. His works are talented and impressive».«You are a great writer like Turgenev».