Your creativity conquered me! ..

Izyaslav Zhornitsky, composer, Crimea, 2006
(From the letter)

... I was impressed by your amazing poems and excited your "transcription of thoughts". I read them several times, and I read it again and again. Even at the first reading, I remembered the words of Pushkin from "Mozart and Salieri": "What depth, what power, what straight!". And I suddenly had a thought, rather, the phrase: What is the highest depth of your thoughts and poems! ". And, believe me, this is not just complimentary, I feel so and really happy that fate gave me a meeting with your amazing creativity. It's a pity that it's so late. I'm already 87 ...

I wish you further creative success! I am sure that you will give the world many more wonderful thoughts and poems. You have amazing skill in a short phrase. You can express so much! This brings you to relatives with great composers, such as Beethoven. The beginning of the V symphony is a short phrase: ta-ta-ta-ta! Ta-ta-ta-ta! All two triols, which critics called: "so fate knocks on the door." A whole symphony was born of them. Or the finale of Mozart's Requiem, the famous "la Cremozo", is one word and two bars that developed over two minutes into the genius music that lives the century. So your transcriptions - such works can only be done by the great ones. Your creativity conquered me!