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“The phenomenon of Alexander Korotko is one of the brightest and inconceivable appearances of modern Russian-language poetry. He occupies a special place among the creative and spiritual elites not only of those countries and cultures to which he belongs directly: Russian, Jewish and Ukrainian, but his voice sounds in many other countries of the world ... His creation is a special humanistic system, which is based on a poetic foundation, philosophy, religion, music, painting, theater and all together is a harmonious architectonics of spiritual and worldview values.”
From a press release for the evening of Alexander Korotko’s poetry “Silent songs”,
Moscow, 2009

Alexander Korotko is a poet-philosopher, his creation is addressed to the intellectual elite. The echoes of the Silver Age, and the traditions of classical poetry, and a pronounced modernist orientation intertwined in the compositions. At the same time, poetic thought took distinctive form that has no literary analogues. He is a poet of the postmodern epoch, the avant-gard poetry’s representative of modern times.

The beginning of the “official” literary activity falls on the second half of the 80s, when Alexander Korotko started publishing in the “Literary Newspaper”. The first collection of poems “Window” was published by the publishing house “Molod” in 1989. Nowadays he is the author of about thirty books of poetry and prose, his creations are included in the composition of poetic anthologies, almanacs, magazines.His poems at different times were translated into Hebrew, English, French, German, Polish, Greek, Croatian and Ukrainian. He is the member of the Writers' Union of Israel and the academician of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature. The laureate of the literary prize of the Academy named by Mihai Eminescu (Romania, 2017) and the laureate of the Great Literary Prize “The Love of Freedom” (Paris, 2017).

The poetry is represented by single-line verses in one stanza verses and large shaped creations. In different years such poems as “Abraham and Isaak”, “Venice”, “Paris”, “Beloved by the sun”, “Towards the dawn”, “Bakhchisaray”, “Jerusalem”, and large poetic cycles were written. In 2008 - 2009, the poetry of Korotko was scaled up performed in collaborative project of the “Ukraine Incognita” Foundation and the Kiev’s publishing house “Fakt” - these are four editions, two of which have such supplement as CD albums: the book of lyric poems “Silent Songs” with the foreword of the writer and journalist Vitaly Korotich and the book of philosophical poetry “I did not live on Earth”, which included an audio album of poems performed by actor, director and writer Sergei Yursky.

The poetry of Alexander Korotko more than once sounded from the stage. That was in those years when poetry gathered thousands of audiences. The last large-scale project “Poetic evening for two” in Kiev (2000), whose participants were Bella Akhmadulina and Alexander Korotko, and opened by Pavlo Zagrebelny, completed the epoch of “big halls”.

The Patriarch of Ukrainian literature Pavlo Zagrebelny talked about Alexander Korotko’s poetry as follows: “These poems are not for the reading out loud, but for the contemplation, for soaking up by sight… These verses allow us to live not in the petty bustle of daily routine, but in that great loneliness where we are remaining human beings in a highest meaning of this word”.

In the Kiev’s avant-garde “The Theater on Podol” in 2001, based on Alexander Korotko’s poetry, the Shevchenko Prize laureate, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Vitaliy Malakhov staged the performance “The Blok of Celestial”, which was part of the theater’s repertoire for several years and was later shown at the Kiev’s National Drama Theater named after Ivan Franko. One more play was written and published in Israel - "Abraham and Isaac." In different years prominent composers wrote songs by lyrics of the poet, that were included in the repertoire of popular artists.

In 2011 and 2012, a big amount of verses, essays, and miniatures were created. In 2013, a voluminous book of selected and new creations of the poet saw the world at Liberty Publishing House (New York) with the title " There are birds of separation of love ".

The period from 2014 to 2017 inclusive was extremely productive. Alexander Korotko worked a lot and successfully in various genres of poetry and prose, gave several great interviews for printed editions, TV and radio. The poetic creations in author’s reading was recorded and posted on the author’s page of the YouTube portal.

Creative evenings were held in Kiev, Odessa, Vinnitsa. Six books were published. At the very end of 2017, the book “La grenouille rouge” was published at the Paris publishing house “L’Harmattan” in translations into French by Nicole Laurent-Katrice and Dmitry Chistyak.

В 2018 и 2019 годах в Киеве вышло несколько книг. Издательство «САММИТ-книга» осуществило выпуск трёх оригинальных изданий: книги миниатюр «Океан слова», книги избранных произведений «Поэтика», книги прозы «Бэра и Огурец», а также переиздания повести «Лунный мальчик» в переводе на украинский язык.

В 2019 году в Дублине увидел свет сборник стихотворений «Irrazionalismo» в переводах на английский Анатолия Кудрявицкого в его издательстве «SurVision Books». В 2020 году в Италии вышло переводное издание книги прозы «Ragazzo di luna» («Лунный мальчик»). Идёт интенсивная работа по переводу прозы и поэзии Александра Коротко на английский язык.

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