• 27.10.2021
    The miniatures of Korotko in Japanese
    Translations into Japanese have been added to the translations of Alexander Korotko’s poetry into Chinese….
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  • 07.10.2021
    The interview with Alexander Korotko on the blog page of the London publishing house “Europe Books”
    Publishing house “Europe Books” in London continues to promote and sell on the book market…
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  • 29.09.2021
    80 years of the Babiy Yar tragedy
    September 29 is an official annual date associated with the horrific story of the extermination…
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  • 29.08.2021
    Family in the creation of Korotko
    Today, on his birthday, the poet receives congratulations from both readers and friends, and of…
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  • 23.08.2021
    Poetry in one line translated into German
    *** Родина просила оставить её в покое. Motherland asked to leave her in peace. Die…
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  • 15.08.2021
    The Poetry of Alexander Korotko translated into French
    Translations of Alexander Korotko’s works into many languages have occupied a special place in his…
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  • 08.08.2021
    Why tne poem of Korotko “The Rock-climber” we are publishing exactly today?
    On August 8, the world celebrates the International Day of Mountaineer. On August 8, 1786,…
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  • 27.07.2021
    “The voiceless summer”, “the tanned summer”, “the summer of time” – all of this is from the poems of Alexander Korotko
    The poet Korotko spends his long-awaited summer vacation on the seaside. But this is not…
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  • 21.07.2021
    New translations into Chinese and English
    Chinese translator Yijin Wang sent another block of poems. Thus, 18 texts of the new…
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  • 13.07.2021
    Alexander Korotko congratulates Peter Rykhlo on being awarded the prestigious literary prize
    At the end of June, Peter Rykhlo, Ukrainian literary critic, essayist and translator, became a…
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  • 10.07.2021
    The translations of Korotko’s new poems into different languages
    Recently, poetry of Korotko rather quickly, without changing its essence, takes different shapes, different music…
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  • 02.07.2021
    The translation of the essay “The Grand Master of Absences” into English is completed
    Michael Pursglove (his photo complements the news) completely translated into English Alexander Korotko’s essay about…
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  • 25.06.2021
    For the first time: Chinese magazine “World Literature” with translations of Korotko’s poetry
    Alexander Korotko received copyright copies of the magazine “World Literature” (No. 5-6, 2021), which is…
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  • 24.06.2021
    THE EVENTS page update
    Alexander Korotko’s poem “STUS” is really an event both for the author and for those…
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  • 18.06.2021
    “Moon Boy” at book exhibition “BOOK SHOW 2021”
    In the United States at the end of June, the annual book exhibition “BOOK SHOW…
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  • 11.06.2021
    Alexander Korotko: thoughts about transations
    On his Facebook page, the poet published a small in volume, but limitless in thought,…
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