Announcement! Alexander Korotko: a series of essays for the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov
28 December 2016
On his official Facebook page on the eve of July 27 (this is the date of Lermontov’s death) Alexander Korotko will publish the first of the thirteen texts, thematically related to the fate and creativity of Mikhail Lermontov: “… I will devote Lermontov one poetic work every week”. The last publication will appear on the eve of October 15, when the 200th anniversary of the birth of the poet will be celebrated. Such a countdown of the time of a short life, when “time has flown back”, is the essence of the author’s design and is ciphered in the philosophical outline of the texts of the essay.   By the way, in the work of Alexander Korotko there is a significant layer of poetic messages addressed to notable names in the history of world culture – writers, musicians, artists. On the pages of Facebook and the author’s blog published another series of essays “Pushkin – Our Sky” on Russian and English languages (translated by Natalia Ogienko).