Big Book of aphorisms

A collection of catchphrases, published by the Moscow publishing house Eksmo in 2002 and since reprinted more than once. In one section of this book large in both volume and content  the compiler included aphorisms by Alexander Korotko, previously published on page sixteen of the “Literary Newspaper”.


* * *

Чтобы ничего не делать, надо очень много учиться.

* * *

От недомолвок докладчик перешел прямо к намёкам.

 The poet’s road to literature in fact started with publication in “Literaturka” (Literature) in the nineteen-eighties. Twenty years later, Alexander Korotko published three books of miniatures – single-line poems, aphorisms of high figurative concentration with philosophical overtones. These are the “Transcription of Thought”, “Afigisms” and “From A to Yafigisms”. During this time, the “Big Book of Aphorisms” also grew to an anthology with a new name – “The Golden Book of Aphorisms.”