Came to grief, came to our meeting

For some time now I have been a frequent guest on the official website of Alexander Korotko. I am irresistibly attracted, no, not just read, but absorbed the creativity of this ingenious maestro of the Russian pen. I did not accidentally use the word Russian. Alexander Korotko can not be attributed only to Russian, Jewish or Ukrainian poetry. His poetry connects us with the poets of the Silver Age. Moreover, one can say with certainty that he is one of the last poets of the Silver Age, the youngest of them by age, but as multifaceted and talented as they are.

The depth of his poetic works is amazing. As a flame of fire, which always aspires upwards, so does its creativity, despite everything, continues what it started, creating everything new and new. It is akin to eternity. It is an exceptionally rare and precious talent pierced by sincere lyricism and inner freedom with sorrows and joys of being and events that are inextricably linked with the history of our Motherland and humanity. When you read his works, you feel an ineradicable love of life, amazed at the feeling of his words and rhymes. Before us is the true peak of Russian poetry.

Arthur Miller was somehow asked how he managed to keep a great shape, and he replied: I chose the right parents. Also, Alexander Korotko: he deliberately builds his biography and does not forgive an unprofessional attitude towards himself, negligence, frivolity, wrong key, because it can not be regarded as a universal model for all. His creativity can be appreciated and understood by an educated person with intellect and thought.

Reading always requires effort, it is a moral obligation of one who is accustomed to it. It is possible to become an equal poet with his sense of breakthrough, authenticity, accuracy only at the moment of reading, if you are completely ready to give up yourself. Brodsky also said that “man is what he reads.” Therefore, it is not easy to become uniform with Alexander Korotko. You can only try to do this. A few readers who are able to rise to the level of such a poet. To do this, you need to be well prepared and know, if possible, all the literature.

Any creativity is a prayer directed to the Creator. And poetry, if not prayer itself, is then set in motion by the same mechanism. That’s when this mechanism is included in the reader, down to dissolution, and then it is possible to rise to the level of Alexander Korotko’s creativity …