«Кто близ небес, тот не сражён земным…»
Alexander Korotko dared to fly next to Lermontov, so the strength and power of both are amazingly attractive! Before our very eyes, deep penetrations into the mysterious world of the psychologically incomprehensible unfold. Lermontov had such a “heavy look” that anyone he looked at intently, they involuntarily turned around. Together with the author involuntarily we turned to him.

“BELA” by Alexander Korotko has a magnetic influence. Lermontov from the author is in human form, as if not a man, but a being of a different order, of a different dimension. He, like a meteorite, abandoned to us from unknown worlds. And at this point, before the eyes of the reader, the author merges with Lermontov as one. One feels something not entirely human, monstrous or wonderful, but something that must be hidden from people, because people do not forgive such. And only a few, no, they will not understand how the author did it, but come in contact with what was written. The animals hear the smell of a man, and Alexander Kortko hears a smell of another breed in Lermontov. A. Korotko writes: “… and this is the inimitable power of his poetic gift, the case when the artistic truth is stronger than the truth of one’s own being.” Yes it is! Some people are attracted to Lermontov, because they see him as a “demon” or, as they say, “superman”. Others move away from him with disgust and horror: “poisonous snake”, “antichrist.” Still others are attacked with rage to bite, as dogs bite a wolf for not having a dog’s smell. But only Alexander Korotko unraveled the most important thing in Lermontov, the line, when the discord between the too clever with heavenly wisdom and the sensitive and loving, sad soul, unfamiliar happiness disappears.
“What a gentle soul in him! “- Belinsky exclaimed. “What an inimitable power of a poetic gift!” – answers Korotko. “He who is near heaven is not stricken by the earth.” This is the same applies to Lermontov, and to Alexander Korotko.