Poetry of Alexander Korotko in translations
20 September 2019
Why only poetry? Prose Korotko is also actively translated into other languages. Recently, his book “Lunar Boy”, “Мiсячний хлопчик” in Ukrainian, was published, and a translation into English is ready. But poetry is a more serious topic. The problem of translating poetic texts has been, is and will remain, while poems will live and be born. A lot of scientific literary works have been written; the opinions of translators and those who are being translated are made public. A good result can come out of the pen when the translator 1) is a native speaker, 2) if he is a poet, 3) if he has a flair for the original language, 4 ) he is “of the same poetic blood” with the translated author – their poetic platforms coincide, 5) if there is a resonance … This list goes on and on, but the translation problem remains. Because the most complicated cultural and linguistic systems work in this way, the poetic world works like this. Nevertheless, the literature has numerous examples of excellent translations. A small illustration are presented today on the main page: original poems and their translations into Ukrainian and English. Authors: Alexander Korotko, Olga Ilchuk, Julia Dvoretskaya, Anatoly Kudryavitsky. And another list is the languages into which Alexander Korotko’s poems and prose have been translated: Hebrew, English, French, German, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Azerbaijani and Ukrainian.