Single line poems




Poor guy, but how well!



Plowing the brain by advice.

We can date, or we can without it.

Let’s provide ourselves with mice.

Elect me as a fine fellow.

Somehow once and that’s all.





Be simpler, be cheaper.



Cope without us.

Motherland asked to leave it alone.

Humane anti-Semitism.

We got everything what we didn’t want.

Country like a judgment.

You will long last and then receive.

Are we really the same as others, but even worse.




It’s better to guess than to know.

Fear is my guardian angel.

If to go straight, without turning aside, you will get to heaven.

Why to suffer, if it’s possible to get used.

Adam and Eva never loved each other.

It’s better not to think about anything at all, than to think at all.

The time comes and everything loses sense.

Game of words:


They could even more than nowhere.

Honor is what I mean.

Before earlier, currently now.

Why is there, if even here everywhere.

It can’t continue so long, but it will.

Everywhere, where it’s only possible, is impossible.

It’s good that I caught it, and good that I didn’t understand.

It happened even worse better.

If later than usual earlier, than for what on time.