100 poems will be included in Oleksandr Korotko’s new book about the war “Blackout”
18 August 2023

Oleksandr Korotko completed work on the second book about the Russian-Ukrainian war – “Blackout”.

The final version of the collection will include 100 previously unpublished poems.

We publish a review of the final 5 poems from the collection (95-100) of the famous Ukrainian literary critic, translator and editor Dmytro Drozdovskyi:

“Alexander Shimonovich, these are very strong texts. The rhythm, the energy of the movement of meanings – 95, 96 – is very strong. Indeed, every word is in place, every word is charged with vitality, the energy of life, even if it is through the absurdity of reality, pain, irony – but despite everything, there is life here. Even the situation of post-irony. How the phrases stating the simulacrum echo with the pain of the present, with the war. Very strongly”.

A paper edition of the book “Blackout” is coming soon. Poems from the collection have already been translated into English and Polish.