3.07.1883 Franz Kafka was born

The beginning

Begged the sky for a kingdom of silence.
In the Castle of the Night there was a coronation
Of silence.
He uttered the words and they, like
like prisoners,
“went out for a stroll in the prison’s
the courtyard of blank sheets,
and the light of inspiration spilled
on the snow-white fields,
and the black soil of the poetic
has graced the earth with new
with new works.


Kafka opened the door.
Gogol was standing on the threshold, holding his tattered overcoat in his hands.
Kafka bowed respectfully,
let the guest into the house and offered
to sit down, but all the chairs
were occupied by strangers,
who looked like two peas in a pod
like Kierkegaard.


Kafka, in his works…
with prophetic certainty…
long before the advent of fascism,
revealed to all mankind
every facet of this monstrous
of this monstrous phenomenon.