A large selection of essays and poetry is dedicated to Pushkin’s birthday
28 December 2016
“Pushkin is our sky” – this is the name of the new essay by Alexander Korotko, and under the same name a large selection on the site and blog of the author dedicated to Pushkin’s birthday was published. A rhymed poem, vers libre, four essays and one more, the fifth, in the fabric of which the vers libre is also woven, is a complex structure of voluminous publication. The objects of poetic attention were Eugene Onegin, The Queen of Spades, poems dedicated to Chaadaev, civic lyric poetry and love lyrics, but to a greater extent Pushkin’s “fiery soul”, the fate of genius. High imagery, depth of immersion in the poetic world of Pushkin are combined with innovative, sometimes even paradoxical, findings (which is the ending of one of the essays: “It turns out that it was not Dante, but Pushkin arranged a” divine comedy “, creating” Eugene Onegin “, the largest mystification since the time of Adam.If Pushkin could create such a thing and the time over him is not powerful, then he is alive and can instantly appear with a new novel under a new name.Is not it a detective story. Perhaps, Edgar Po is also The work of Pushkin? “) with the unconventional approach of diverse compounds by genre things he gave an unexpected result: “Pushkin is our sky” taken its rightful place in the section of the site Essay because it is an integral work, organic and, as always, in Korotko, flawless in form.