A new essay by Alexander Korotko on the prose of Osip Mandelstam
14 December 2017
January and December are the winter months in which the brilliant poet Mandelstam was born and left the world of the earth for the heavenly one. Perhaps not by chance at this time appear in Alexander Korotko small in volume, but amazingly deep in depth of thought essay works, addressed to the legacy of Osip Mandelstam – poetic and prose. Without quoting the poet, without mentioning the dates of the publication of prose books, without referring to contemporaries and researchers of his work, Korotko, with his meager but extremely precise means, creates his own personal attitude to this poetic prose: “… a world of bright, colorful images, like you do not read, but rotate a kaleidoscope, and each new line – a different mosaic of unforgettably-forgotten shocks … ” The full text is published on the pages of the site: THE NEWEST AND ESSAY: