A new essay on the phenomenon of Nikolai Gogol
29 December 2016
April 1st is the birthday of Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol, a Russian writer who left to subsequent generations not only literary masterpieces, but also many riddles and questions that are not answered. About the phenomenon of Nikolai Gogol – a new essay by Alexander Korotko with an unusual look at three program products: “Dead Souls”, “Overcoat”, “Inspector”. In the essay “Contrary to the chronology …” as analysis, as generalizations, as parallels, as characteristics relating to the work of Gogol, differ in depth and laconism. The essay is supplemented with a portrait of Nikolai Gogol, written by Fedor Moller in 1840. On the main page – the poem “GOGOL” written by Alexander Korotko more than ten years ago, and the portrait of the writer of 1841 by Alexander Ivanov.