A new essay with comments – to the 200th birthday of Mikhail Lermontov
28 December 2016
On the main page, a new essay is presented to the visitors of the site, one of a series of prose texts addressed to the personality and creativity of Mikhail Lermontov written by Alexander Korotko on the 200th anniversary of the poet’s birth. These works with an enviable regularity appear on the personal page of Alexander Korotko in Facebook and invariably accompanied by feedback from readers. The last post of “Bela” has caused a constant visitor to Sophia Minkwitz to give a detailed comment to the read. In her assessment, she came so close to the author’s idea that Alexander Korotko responded with gratitude to her equally profound text.   Sophia Minkwitz: Alexander Korotko dared to fly next to Lermontov, so the strength and power of both are amazingly attractive! Before our eyes unfolding deep penetrations into the mysterious world of psychologically incomprehensible … Some people are attracted to Lermontov, because they see him as a “demon” or, as they say, “superman”. Others move away from him with disgust and horror: “poisonous snake”, “antichrist.” Still others are attacked with rage to bite, as dogs bite a wolf for not having a dog’s smell. But only Alexander Korotko unraveled the most important thing in Lermontov, the line, when the discord between the too clever with heavenly wisdom and the sensitive and loving, sad soul, unfamiliar happiness disappears …   Alexander Korotko: Today’s post is like an exhalation. And suddenly, Sophia, your comment, frightening and not giving rest. Of course, Lermontov is a phenomenon of such an order when it is difficult to understand who dominates: the poet or his gift. Lermontov is not just mysterious, he is mystical, and if his mysticism and genius are called a demon, then he is a demon, alive and passionate, haughty and kind, imperious and not protected, like the Spirit that is hovering over the abyss before the creation of existence. Thank you for the strength of your talent, for the ability to see and recognize not only the sublime, but also the hidden, hidden behind the seven seals.   Full text Sophia Minkwitz “He who is near to heaven, is not slain by the earth …” Posted on the Feedback page.