A new poem
9 January 2020
Alexander Korotko constantly turns to the topic of faith, the history of the Jewish people, starting from ancient times and ending with a modern reading of events, phenomena, human deeds. These are works of different genres, different volumes and approaches. In some, strict adherence to the texts of the Torah, in others, philosophical (as, for example, in the poetic cycles “Message”, “Treatises”), the author’s interpretation of what is happening prevails. Jewish subjects include numerous secular works – lyrics, ironic, satirical, autobiographical things. However, let us return to the new literary work of Korotko. Most of the chapters of the poem have been written, and this hard work continues daily. Until the poem is finished, the author does not show its separate fragments, so on the main page of the three working versions of the site, visitors may see samples of Jewish poetry by Alexander Korotko, time-tested.