A new story for the future book of prose
8 March 2018
Nyusya is the heroine of the story of the same name, which replenished a series of prosaic works by Alexander Korotko, promising to become a book. The narrative is built on Nyusya’s dialogue with “spiritual essence, the mirror image of her soul, the future angel.” All of Alexander Korotko’s prose is penetrated with mysticism, filled with profound psychological overtones, while his characters are earthly people with a difficult fate, memories, experiences, attempts to find their place in a world that is not always friendly. This story happened at the time of a new “exodus” of Jews from the former USSR. So Nyusya and her husband Fima, leaving their beloved Odessa, were in Israel, and their adult son – in Canada. How can you imagine the confusion and loneliness that overtook this typical family? The author believes that faith can only help … A fragment of the new story can be read by following the link: