A selection of miniatures Happy birthday, Eternity! – a new page of Alexander Korotko’s blog
28 December 2016
The September publication of miniatures in one line updated the blog of Alexander Korotko. A selection of “Happy Birthday, Eternity!” Was opened by poetical single-strings, lyrical and philosophical, and finished – also philosophical, but painted in acrid colors of satire. However, one should not think that the poet confined himself to these opposites in his selection: the range of topics and literary techniques is so wide that there is no need to classify these capacious, precise phrases – they simply need to be read and monitored by the trajectory, the “transcription” of author’s thought. All the proposed miniatures are given with translations into English, which significantly expands the readership. We invite you to get acquainted with the selection “Happy birthday, Eternity!” , by clicking on the link to Alexander Korotko’s blog, and also by visiting the page of the site Miniatures , where similar works are placed under the heading “One-line poems” and “Single-strings.”