A series of essays on the events in Ukraine
28 December 2016
Alexander Korotko continues to honestly and openly express his attitude to the events taking place in Ukraine, which have long gone beyond the borders of the country and turned into phenomena of a global scale. Everything written by the poet in verse and prose, beginning with the December Maidan and ending with what happened literally yesterday and today, became a special literary chronicle of events, a testament to the tragedy of the individual and the whole people.   The works are posted on the author’s Facebook page and on this site, some are published in the press. New text Life exists, as long as there is a secret …as a continuation of the recently published essay “Heaven, Give Up!” And “Road to Hell”, small in volume, but extensive in thought, profound sincerity of the word and the power of persuasion that the bright, positive, reasonable will necessarily replace darkness, lies and betrayal.