About poetry from interviews in different years
28 November 2019
In his work Alexander Korotko repeatedly addresses the topic of poetry as a way to embody his thoughts about creativity in words. Today on the Home page you will find a selection of poems illustrating these philosophical reflections, mostly deeply personal. The website provides an opportunity to get acquainted not only with poetry about poetry, but also with Alexander Korotko’s opinions in the form of interviews that he gave at different periods of his life. It offers quotations from various interviews with the poet that will complement your idea of a very unusual person with a mystical, rich imaginative and philosophical way of thinking, whose purpose is to bring the Divine word into earthly life. “… A true artist must live in a big city, as in a desert, in order to hear the rhythm, the pulse of this city and the heart of everyone moving within it. If he is in the thick of things and not brushed aside, then creating a real, major work will be problematic for him. One must go to mental self-isolation, that is, return to one’s genetic roots. For me it is Judaism. A striking example of such creativity is Marc Chagall, who emotionally conveyed Hebrew and Yiddish with colours. He spoke with colours! And he created the cosmos … “ “… Speaking of the poetic gift bestowed by the Almighty, it is impossible not to talk about the energy living in every text written in accordance with Divine law. This energy is life, not only in the material sense, but primarily in the spiritual sphere.  Pushkin stated this repeatedly. Creativity is always fenced off from material life, although it is present in it and reflects its sublime aspiration and despair. Tsvetaeva said that the Lord taught us to write poetry, but did not teach us how to live. You cannot say this more precisely. Perhaps the most difficult task is to combine the spiritual principle with the material. This is solely a matter of faith. If it is not in the poet’s soul or it is insufficient, the fate of such a person becomes tragic. Examples are counted not in dozens, but in hundreds and even thousands … “ “… Writing poetry is very difficult, it is a huge job. Poetry is a pure product, something that cannot be retold in prose. Prose is when the infantry goes, and poetry when supersonic planes fly … “ “… Of course, creativity itself is primary in the creative process (I apologize for the tautology). Creativity fills life with completely different colours, which are not necessarily bright. “Music always sounds in you, and a range of amazing feelings overwhelms your soul …” “… Poetry either exists or does not exist, it either excites or does not excite. Real poetry will never let you go, it is a magnet, it is magic, it is power, but only of a higher spiritual order … “ “Individuality has never been in fashion, because it is a protest. The poet and artist Maximilian Voloshin said: “Equality, as a rule, cuts off the legs high, because it can not make the dwarf grow.” Of course, society does not perceive personalities. What is one of the main vices of Man? Envy. An envious person is unpleasant if he cannot do something like you, which is why he plays dirty with you. Individuality is a challenge. But these extraordinary individuals are able to foresee. They are the force that moves society, that pushes the world to development. And finally – one of my poems: Поэзия. Раскрашен сон тобой не прожитых мгновений, качается небесный трон, горит закат от нетерпенья, и бденье слуха, моветон, необъяснимы ощущенья, и властвует судьбы закон, который чтит безумный гений.» Read the full version of the interview here: