“Abraham and Isaac” – a poem without statute of limitations
4 September 2019
In Alexander Korotko, works on the Jewish theme are inextricably linked with an appeal to the foundations of Judaism, the plots of the Torah, and his own experience of gaining and constant attainment of faith. Such is the poetic cycle “Jerusalem”, where many poems of different periods are presented – from the earliest to the present day. But the poem “Abraham and Yitzhak”, written in 2007, translated into Hebrew, which has several reprints, can rightfully be considered the peak of creativity. The author managed to offer his vision of the famous plot with such depth and strength that the poem continues to amaze and delight many. Alexander Korotko appears as a deeply religious person, and as poet-philosopher, and as a poet-mystic. He presented the sacrifice as a high confirmation of faith in the Divine essence of man and his infinite loyalty to God. In the poem we find answers to the questions, what is earthly life and eternal life, what are eternal values… “Abraham and Yitzhak” is an unusually harmonious work – it is rhythmically organized, having a classical form with a prologue, epilogue, culmination, and at the same time innovative, modern sounding yesterday and just as relevant today. This can be seen by returning to 2008, when Alexander Korotko was invited to the program of Yossi Tavor on Jerusalem radio “Raka” and not only talked about the creation of this work, but also read it. Author’s reading is invaluable for those who are able to see in front of themselves a picture written by the hand of a master of the word. Alexander Korotko was later admitted to the Writers’ Union of Israel, and his poem was included in the school curriculum of educational institutions in Jerusalem.