Again about the philosophical lyrics of Alexander Korotko
25 July 2019
The definition of one of the three main genera of world literature – lyrics – came from the Greek language (lyrikós) and dates back to the poetic texts, which were uttered to the sounds of lyre and conveyed the deep spiritual experiences, thoughts and feelings of the author. It was so in antiquity, and such poetry, written or spoken, exists to this day. This is a huge layer of poetic works, which is divided into civil, landscape, love lyrics and many other genre, thematic collections, often they are very conditional. Alexander Korotko owns all of the above, but the main thing in his lyrics – the philosophical depth and height, logic and complexity of the poetic message combined with amazing imagery. His philosophical lyrics are complex, unpredictable and designed for the trained reader. Poetic elitism of A. Korotko has nothing common with epatage or pride – on the contrary, the poems are extremely sincere and harmonious. On the main page of the site there are two lyrical poems – new and almost a decade ago. Read it!