Aleksandr Korotko featured in the Ukrainian Wikipedia
12 February 2021

To take your place on Wikipedia, you need to have many merits and qualities – to be famous in a particular area, a worthy biography, publications, and much more. Aleksandr Korotko, who belongs to the creative Ukrainian elite, has all this. He is a famous poet, prose writer, essayist, author of a unique genre of poetic miniatures, author of more than thirty books, including those translated into different languages. Korotko – a member of the Writers’ Union of Israel, a member of the Belgian PEN Club, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature, winner of the Literary Prize of the  Mihai Eminescu Academy (Romania, 2017), Big Literary Prize “The Love of Freedom” (Paris, 2017), Literary Prize. Maximilian Kirienko-Voloshin (Kiev, 2018).More details – follow the link on the Wikipedia page:Коротко_Олександр_Шимонович