Alexander Korotko at a Reception in Knesset, Israel
11 November 2019
On November 11, 2019, the delegation of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine (ECU), at the invitation of the Speaker of the Knesset and the Minister of Jerusalem affairs and the Environment, took part in a special meeting within the walls of the main government institution of the hospitable state. The Chairman, Knesset’s Speaker Yoel Edelstein, held this important meeting at the high level. Among the members of the delegation were politicians, public and religious figures, business representatives, creative intelligentsia – in a word, famous and influential people of Ukraine.   The photos taken by Lyudmila Korotko during a meeting in the Knesset illustrate this event. Watch and read here: For Alexander Korotko, this meeting was especially important, since the main attention was paid to cultural issues. The Jewish theme pervades almost all the writer’s works, but among his many poetic and prosaic things, a special place is occupied by the poems “Abraham and Isaak” (published in Israel), “Jerusalem”, “Message”, as well as poetic cycles about the Holocaust, the book of Odessa prose “Bera and Cucumber” – and you will not recount everything.   On the main page we publish two poems from the series “Cities”.