Alexander Korotko became the winner of another literary award
15 June 2018
In early June, the winners of the Literary Award of the Writers’ Union of Ukraine named after Maximilian Kiriyenko-Voloshin for 2018 were determined. 40 Ukrainian books were nominated for the competition (published in Ukraine), 37 Ukrainian authors who write in Russian. Among them was the book of Alexander Korotko’s prose “The Lunar Boy”, published in the Kiev publishing house “SUMMIT-BOOK”. The final session of the jury was held on May 29, and on June 4 its decision was approved by the Writers’ Union of Ukraine Secretariat: Alexander Korotko is a laureate of the Maximilian Kiriyenko-Voloshin Literary Award for 2018 in the “Prose” nomination. Definition of the winners’ names is certainly connected with the birthday of Maximilian Alexandrovich Kiriyenko-Voloshin on May 28, 1877 (Kiev). Prizes were awarded in two categories – “Poetry” and “Prose”, but Voloshin’s name implies a democratic and fair attitude to creativity, therefore, several participants were awarded with diplomas and special awards. The awarding of Literary Prizes, of international, national or narrower focuses is a wonderful tradition to celebrate the merits of writers around the world, to promote their names and works not only and not so much for commercial purposes, but primarily supporting the humanistic universal human mission of the creative personality. On the main page of the site are published two poems by Alexander Korotko, dedicated to Maximilian Voloshin and written a decade ago, and a fragment of the “Lunar Boy” can be read by following the link: