Alexander Korotko completed the work on a new poem
7 May 2020
On April 25, a message appeared on the news page about work on the poem “Stus.” It took a little more than ten days – and the author presents his work with translation into Ukrainian, brilliantly performed by Olga Ilchuk, with whom Alexander Korotko productively collaborates. Hero of the composition, the poet Vasil Stus, is represented as a multifaceted personality with a rich inner world and tragic fate, as well as the poet Korotko, a master, as he transmitted by the language of avant-garde poetry the depth and power of his literary predecessor. In this article was manifested the innovation of author – implementation, interspersed of Ukrainian lexis into the writing tissue of the Russian-language original. However, Alexander Korotko wrote about this on his Facebook page:   “I finished the poem “Stus” about the ingenious son of the Ukrainian people, poet, thinker, most educated person, political prisoner. Vasyl Stus had a chance to experience all the horrors of unfreedom, he knew well what a prison is, a camp and, which turned out to be no less terrible for him, exile (10 years in a maximum security colony and 5 years in exile). There are ten chapters in this poem, between which I cited fragments from the diaries of Vasyl Stus and his letter “To the Son”. When I was writing a poem, unexpectedly for myself, I switched to the Ukrainian language that I speak. This technique, it seems to me, made it possible to imagine Stus’s personality fuller, more voluminous and more authentic. ”   So, work on the poem “Stus” is completed. Two chapters, as usual, can be read on the Main page, and another two – in the author’s reading – took their place here: