Alexander Korotko – for the Passover holiday
19 April 2019
On the eve of Passover, one of the most important Jewish holidays, which is dedicated to the memory of the exodus of Jews from Egypt and their liberation from slavery, two works by Alexander Korotko are published on the main page of the site. The new poem “Shmini” and the earlier “Hourglass” are addressed as a congratulation by the author to those who celebrate this event. In the work of the poet a significant place is given to works about faith, suffering and happy pages of the life of the Jewish people, the purpose and works of a spiritual person. Alexander Korotko was raised in a religious family practicing Judaism. Faith is the basis of his life and understanding of the world order. Faith helps the poet to create and materialize what he created – in words, lines, books. For many years of work in the literature on the subject of the Divine presence in the soul, many works have been written in different genres and formats: miniatures, poems in one verse and larger: the cycle “Message” and the thematic cycle of the Holocaust, the poem ” Abraham and Yitzhak ” and “Jerusalem”, the play ” Abraham and Yitzhak “, short stories and novels included in the book of Odessa prose “Bera and Cucumber”. There is a continuous preparation for writing the poem “Moses”. “Shmini” is one of the last poems by Alexander Korotko with important words for any person: “… But faith is one for all, and everyone has been given the fall of the summit and the loneliness of oblivion … The Crown of Creation is the way and new dates with the Creator.”