Alexander Korotko gave an interview to the newspaper Facts
29 November 2016
In today’s issue of the newspaper “Facts” (Kiev) was published an interview, which the poet gave on the eve of the evening-presentation of his new book of miniatures “The Future Returned to the Past.” Naturally, the conversation was about creativity, were quoted one-line and three-dimensional works, the author’s memories of those whom he met and worked with – musicians, artists. Alexander Korotko always says that he is not a songwriter, and indeed, all the composers wrote music for finished poems. Attention was also paid to the very process of creating new things: “In addition to poetic talent, one must have the talent to work. Inspiration? I do not believe in it. I work every day … Silence and loneliness are all that I need for creativity. ” The poet recalled his childhood, confessed his love of painting, classical music and, of course, poetry. Journalists like to ask their interlocutors “uncomfortable” questions, but after reading through the interview of different yearson the site, you are convinced that the personality of the poet, his attitude to life, events, people, ability to listen to the interlocutor ask a calm, intelligent tone of the future publication, while in his answers he is sincere and open. The new interview took its place on the page of the site with the same name – Interview.