Alexander Korotko gave to Viktor Savinov, the famous host of the radio Vesti.
17 January 2018
In an almost hourly radio program DIALOGS numerous topics were touched upon. The announcement on the site of this radio station reads: “The poet Alexander Korotko about Zagrebelny, Bitov, Akhmadulina, about styles, genres and traditions.” However, most importantly, what was sounded at this meeting with listeners – the writer’s attitude to creativity in general and to his own creativity in particular. Deep and at the same time very simple and understandable words that can be addressed to young writers and mature artists, and not just words – to everyone who creates and considers his craft a high destiny that does not tolerate fuss, trash or pursuit of fame. As an example – one of the last poems of Alexander Korotko, dedicated to talented scholar and writer Dmitry Chistyak, who is just about creativity, honest, anxious, passionate attitude towards his work, published on the main page of the site under the heading of the NEWEST. Now, as another confirmation, – a quote from the interview, it is about the same: “To talent as such, one must have a talent for work. It is a huge job. It is overcoming of yourself. I will never believe that a great artist does not have a strong-willed basis. I will never believe that a great artist does not work every day. Fiddler every day plays, a pianist plays every day, a creative person writes every day. Two criteria that must be inherent in a creative person: a sense of proportion and a sense of taste. You have to read and understand a lot about what is yours and what is not. ” Moreover, much of what the author himself has experienced and felt, and now generously, without edification and arrogance, shares his observations and experience, you can hear and see in the full versions of the interview. Audio version: Video version: