Alexander Korotko is one of the first members of the new Ukrainian association of writers
26 February 2019
UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION OF WRITERS OF THE ADVENTURE AND DETECTIVE GENRES celebrated the first day of its birth in February 2019. Well-known writers of action-genre, high-ranking diplomats and senior officers of security forces were among the guests and members of the newly created Association. The main objectives of the Association: to promote the development of detective and adventure genres in Ukraine, to establish special awards and competitions, to organize round tables and master classes for the exchange of experience, to attract resources to the publication and promotion of action books. 20 well-known Ukrainian writers were the first members of the Association, among them Alexander Korotko, the author of a work in prose, a detective story “Moon Boy”. On the main page of the site are two fragments of this work, which can be described as “poetic prose”, which genre justifies its placement under the heading SELECTED VERSES. In “Moon Boy”, a stylistically extremely complex text, the reader will find the most unexpected authorial techniques behind the classic detective story, adding to the vast scope of diverse contemporary literature.