Alexander Korotko: New Chapters of Essay about Hölderlin
27 February 2021

Work continues on an essay about Friedrich Hölderlin, the German romantic poet. The essay, as conceived by the author, will consist of several chapters. Writing such works is preceded by a long preparation: studying biography, reading poetry, but this does not mean that dates, specific facts, analysis of poems will appear in the essay, as it is usually happens in literary texts. Alexander Korotko creates poetic essays, and the entire preparatory period gives him the opportunity to reveal the personality with greater persuasiveness, and all materials remain “behind the scenes”.

Even the names of the initial parts, of which the essay will consist, make it possible to judge about the poetic technique. Friedrich Hölderlin: Chapter One. The sublime and earthly. Chapter two. In the homeland of the soul. Chapter three. Desert of Time.