Alexander Korotko on Alexander Blok
9 August 2019
The real poet at all times seeks out and finds his own kind – like-minded people, even if they lived in the past, in the last century, two hundred years ago  or much earlier. An artist, in the broad sense of the word, is usually timeless, he is not attached to a locality, or to everyday life – the scale of his personality and mission are completely different. And if specificity appears in creative work, it is also of a different type. Anything of any kind, any event or simply the passage of time is an opportunity for a personal or virtual presence, the birth of a poetic statement is much more important. “The time for Blok was a plein-air,” (an open space) as Korotko writes. Alexander Blok and Alexander Korotko are part of a relatively small circle of creative writers with an invisible, subtle, but very strong connection to the world of poetry, and therefore with each other. This community was noted and voiced by Andrei Voznesensky in his preface to the poem “Towards the Dawn” by Korotko: “The poem does not resemble any other, except perhaps one. This is the “Twelve”. The same abruptness. Tread. Harshness, not typical of lyrics … Critics at one time misread Blok, took him too seriously. The “Twelve” is a parody, a satirical piece. So it is here. Starting from the deliberate “Towards the Dawn”, the whole poem is an ironic, sometimes harsh, commentary about the very recent past, and therefore about the present. Irony as parody. This is innovation, lightness of touch and stylistic delicacy … “ This preface was written in 2002, here we reproduce s a review of the publication of a new essay on Alexander Blok on Facebook. Its author is Galina Chelyadinova, a regular visitor to Alexander Korotko’s page: “The Blok verses … arise from a connection with the Intelligent sphere, they come from the realm of deep, subconscious and intuitive knowledge of the Perfect Source. Your poems, Alexander, draw philosophical wisdom from the same Pure Reasonable Spring … “ Coincidence? No. Conscious regularity. A new essay “An Angel among Poets” has been published on the site’s home page in response to the anniversary  of Blok’s death (August 7, 1921) together with the poem “Petersburg” written in 1994. Both pieces have two characters: Alexander Korotko (poet and author/lyrical hero) and Alexander Blok (mystical figure, poet “pale silhouette”). There is much more critical material about the work of Alexander Korotko posted on the author’s website. We suggest using the link: