Alexander Korotko – on the page of the popular Ukrainian portal
30 January 2017
This is a link where you can go to the page of NB STYLE and read the professional advice of a layman – the poet Alexander Korotko, which European museums are worth visiting: Http://…/5-muzeev-kotorye-objazatelno-stoit-posetit-blog-poeta-382628.html Without impose his categorical opinion on this or that other artist, Alexander Korotko talks about his own preferences, based on his experience of visiting the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna, the Edward Munch Museum in Oslo, the Lenbachhaus Gallery in Munich and others where he visited many times. His recommendations speak of a good taste and ability to understand the schools and areas of contemporary art, as well as art, time-tested. Here are the words of the poet, addressed to Ukrainian viewers: “The National Museum of Russian Art in Kiev. Here you can see Vrubel, Serov, Repin. Of contemporary Ukrainian artists living in Kiev, I really love and appreciate Ivan Marchuk and Herman Gold. ”