Alexander Korotko: poems at random
29 June 2019
In the “News” section of the site, along with informational publications (about the release of new books, creative trips, speeches and presentations at various venues and other events), comments are published also selected works of A. Korotko, which regularly appear on the main page. Today, there are two rhymed poems of past years, which are impossible to describe, since real poetry cannot be rehearsed. One can only superficially designate: the sea, the moon, the sailor, summer, childhood, night, wind, stars … And behind all this lexical set is an abundance of images, feelings, moods that have strangely combined in a mysterious author’s kaleidoscope and have taken shape and musicality this is the poetry of A.Korotko. Why are these two poems presented today? It’s simple. When we first take a poetic book into our hands, as a rule, we never read in a row, page by page, but we open it at random and find what the soul responds to at that moment. * * * Чешуёй птичьих стай покрывается небо. Паранойя, изнанка глубинных вершин океана, надводное царство, и военной армадой туч тяжёлых плывут корабли. Ренессанс облаков, грезят парусным флотом ветра, в гавань жизни уставшее время заходит в ожидании вечного счастья.