Alexander Korotko’s new interview with RBK-Ukraine
Interview is a special literary genre, and it is subject only to a real writer, a strong personality, because it presupposes wisdom, the ability to improvise, instant reaction, utmost frankness and much more such that is in the field of the conscious – subconscious – unconscious. It is not for nothing that the readers of Alexander Korotko, visitors to his website, other well-known and respected print publications, websites and portals, who have published equally significant interviews in different years, pay special attention to the word of the master. This word has always been, is and will be non-standard, fresh, benevolent and certainly marked by self-irony – one of the highest manifestations of the freedom of a creative person.There is no need here to analyze the interviewer’s questions and the answers to them – you just need to read the suggested and get great pleasure, discovering new facets of the poet’s personality, assessing his ability to parry accurately, and then with pleasure “catch” poetry with its metaphors, images, and in the final, be grateful for the fact that Alexander Korotko sees a person in each of the readers and addresses everyone directly, without ambition or arrogance, but with respect and dignity. It’s worth a lot. The full text of the interview in Russian read here: