“I want this story not to leave my readers indifferent…”

The day was just beginning. It was like the bed of a big river where neither the beginning nor the end was visible. Even the banks were hidden beyond the horizon. I was drowning in a whirlpool of minutes and the minutes had attached themselves to my body and were draining all the blood from my soul and leaving nothing. It was eleven o’clock in the morning. I felt I would not be able to swim across this river called Sunday. 29 I didn’t know how to occupy myself. A voice within me said I had to kill time. How stupid. If I do that, the day will never end. My reason was like mercury; little globules rolled everywhere across my floor. I knelt down and began to pick them up. When a large globule swallowed the last one, I came back to reality. I looked around and on the coffee table I saw a shattered thermometer. My glance slid round the surrounding objects like a trapped animal. I was afraid to touch anything. I had been expertly brought to this state. It only remained to wait for Monday and hand the material in to the printers. After everything that had happened to me, I was not thinking about any consequences. I stared at the TV screen and began to switch channels absentmindedly. Earlier in my life I had had minutes, and even days, of complete desolation, but all this came within the framework of ordinary depression. I knew that everything would come to an end; all I had to do was to try, to endure, and everything would drift on in its own good time. Beyond the waste land of weariness, life could be seen, normal life. I only had to force myself to move or, as my husband loved to repeat, to switch myself on – and I switched myself on. But now everything was different. Someone had not only invaded my crippled life and taken the present away from me – I could have reconciled myself to that – but had also taken the future away, depriving me of hope as a means of existence. Some kind of unearthly link with the inanimate world took hold of me and I felt I was expiring, but something within me continued to struggle on. I even heard a voice saying: “No, life doesn’t end like that”.

Today we talk about Moon Boy, a book by Alexander Korotko published with our publishing house Europe Books.

Europe Books had the pleasure of interviewing the author Alexander Korotko  to get to know him better, how he found the inspiration to write his book Moon Boy, and how he is used to approach his writing projects.

Below you can find our interview. Take a seat and enjoy your reading!!!



  • Where did you find the inspiration to write this story?

Inspiration is given to us from heaven. It either exists or not. Of course, this is not an easy process – first of all it is work of heart and soul. I draw inspiration from what I have seen, read, felt, comprehended.


  • What are the crucial themes of your book?

I highlight this life in all its terrible and sinful manifestations, such as authority, money, politics, intrigue.


  • What do you want to communicate to readers with this work? 

I want this story not to leave my readers indifferent, so that they would like to return to this work once again, since my literary truth in this case is higher than the earthly truth.


  • You already have many books written, I wonder, how do you approach a new writing project, each time? 

In addition to a talent or gift, you should have a talent for work. Constant development of imaginative thinking is decisive in the creation of new ideas and plots. At the same time, it is necessary to be in a state of constant struggle with yourself – with your laziness, inertia, and stereotypes. A writer must not only keep up with the time, he must be ahead of it.


  • Are you already working on a new writing project?

Of course yes. I never start writing until I have worked out the plot in detail and found the necessary literary techniques. In order to get a result, the concept should be stronger than the work itself. 

Europe Books thanks the author Alexander Korotko once again for taking the time and answering our questions. We are really pleased to have walked alongside him on the editorial path that led to the publication of his book Moon Boy. We wish him the best of luck for this novel and for his future works.

To you, my dear reader, I wish you to be touched by this story and to find insights in the truths told by Alexander Korotko that can represent precious reflections to be put into practice in your everyday life.

So, my dear reader, I just have to wish you a dreamy and pleasant reading!

Your Editor!