Alexander’s Korotko poems about childhood
21 August 2019
The most sincere, warm feelings arise when you read memories of childhood-prose or poetry. Moreover, such works at least a dime a dozen. Probably, there is not a single creative person, not only a writer, but also an artist and a composer, who would not try to reproduce this violet time with photographic accuracy. “We are all from childhood” – you can not say more precisely. Of course, the literature is particularly strong on effects things – literary level depends on the degree of talent of the author, touches like this that does not tolerate descriptiveness or even lies, topic. Alexander Korotko is extremely delicate and at the same time poignant. No one can be indifferent, for example:   Когда захочешь жизнь увидеть снова, иди за ней, шаг в шаг, и приведёт она в твой дом с крыльцом скрипучим, а дальше – к печке, натруженной докрасна и добела, с обручальными кольцами зимы. Тебя ждёт лето и ломоть белого хлеба с маслом, посыпанный сахаром, и какао. Счастье взахлёб. Ты выбегаешь на улицу и железным прутиком катишь колесо детства вдоль пыльной дороги с подсолнухами и лебедой.   Alexander’s poetic memoirs always have imagery, precision of detail, sometimes-slight irony, and sometimes-tragic notes. However, the main thing is a deep inner world of “little ones”, a life of pure soul, childish hobby. This poetry is light, good, honest, and it necessarily contains a philosophical message and high spirituality. Two more poems are published on the main page.