And again the miniatures of Alexander Korotko on the page of the site THE NEWEST
12 September 2017
Among the genre variety of poetry and prose of Alexander Korotko a special place is occupied by miniatures, works in one line. From the very beginning of his writing, the poet gravitates towards laconism, which is present even in large, voluminous things. This paradox is the result of its selectivity in relation to literary devices: metaphoricality, verbal accuracy, imagery, which is often elusive, “behind the scenes.” What can we say about the miniature single-stitches! Refined thought, which took the form of utterance with the help of several words, and sometimes even one word. And all this is poetry: it is aphoristic, then lyrical, and sometimes acute, partly hooligan, but always carefully verified and clever. One-line poems, first appeared in the seventies in Literaturnaya Gazeta, were included in many books, printed in collections and anthologies, translated into different languages and published in separate editions. On the main page of the site, read two collections of new miniatures and the old ones can be found at the link: