Anna Bednarczyk translated and read Oleksandr Korotko’s poems in Polish: watch the video
19 April 2024

We are pleased to present you a video recorded by translator Anna Bednarczyk at the request of a publishing house that is preparing to publish Oleksandr Korotko’s collection in Poland.

In the introductory part, Anna Bednarczyk, a professor at the University of Lodz, reflects on the silabotonics, rhythmic uniqueness of Korotko’s poetry, and the difficulties encountered in translating his poetry into Polish. 

“Oleksandr Korotko’s poems … struck me with all the power of the emotions associated with the war. These impressions, which seem to be about different topics, always return to their source, which is the ongoing war. It is inspired by strong, emotional and even stunning poetic images, unexpected, expressive metaphors,” says Bednarczyk.

“I had to translate these texts twice, because in some cases I was fooled by the poetic strategy of the (author). Some poems also contain rhyme, not always precise and often random. It helps to maintain the rhythm of the chosen work,” the professor adds.

You can watch the video in the original language on the author’s official YouTube channel: