Another review of Sophia Minkwitz on the poetry of Alexander Korotko
29 December 2016
“I was groaning, I came to our meeting” – with this line from Maria Petrova’s poem Sofya Minkvits titled her essay on the poetic work of Alexander Korotko. Acquaintance with the poems of the poet happened not so long ago, but the author of the essay confesses that they do not leave it, appearing as a kind of literary shock – a rare unexpected meeting with a new name turns an experienced reader into an admirer. The enthusiastic text of the essay is not complimentary at all, it is based on a good knowledge of Russian poetry, including the poetry of the Silver Age, which allowed Sophia Minkwitz to notice and name the unqualified continuity of Alexander Korotko’s creativity – his poems absorbed the best of this amazing time (as the poet himself wrote). ..and the Silver remained on the temples …), but at the same time they acquired a fresh figurative system and new energy. According to Sophia Minkwitz, the talent of Alexander Korotko is distinguished by “sincere lyricism and inner freedom …”