April Blog Replenishment
28 December 2016
This month, Alexander Korotko’s blog was replenished with the publication of a collection of poems consisting of only one stanza. In his work, beginning with the early period, the poet gravitates toward laconism and concentrated metaphors in the works of different literary genres, and one-stage verses only confirm this commitment, in no way yielding to “big” poems either poetically, semantically or emotionally. On the contrary, the clarity of the letter, the identity of the form and content in these modest volume and voluminous thought poems testify to the validity of the sacramental aphorism “Brevity is the sister of talent”, or, paraphrased by Alexander Korotko, “Brevity is the sister of the talent’s brother.” But about one-liners – next time, but for now read a new selection of the blog “I want to believe…”