Autumn poetry cycle – November blog post
28 December 2016
In the world, and especially in Russian literature, autumn is the most “poetic” of the seasons. Perhaps, the “wilting nature” and its long pre-winter dying causes the most violent shocks in the souls of musicians, artists, poets, and they materialize into brilliant creations. How many examples of landscape lyrics from the classics! There is no poet without autumn poems, no matter what direction they belong to.   Alexander Korotko has a timid and respectful attitude to this period of his life. From early autumn impressions: Every day, the cold is foreboding and the heart anticipates, and it is impossible for us / to warm ourselves / with cold fires / poplars to mature poetry of the last decade, in which the same vivid and precise images are bizarre Intertwined with philosophical generalizations and revelations, leads a long and extremely productive path. A significant number of such poems, mostly written by the past and this fall, are collected for publication on the website, in the Facebook and poet’s blog.   Read the great poetic cycle “Autumn, to whom you serve …” Accompanied by translations into English by Natalia Ogienko, on the November page of the blog.