Bera and cucumber

Somewhere in the wilds Moldovanki under the sinless sky where the stars showered summer as autumn foliage, lost old Odessa patio, arrogant and naive, like a dream cherished by Duke, won the right to stay all year round on the Promenade and watch the sea.

Residents of this court is not particularly different from the inhabitants of other yards, if not for this couple, mother and son. Here they are out of their home. Let’s listen to their conversation.

Mom: Dae baguza de baze?

Son: Baze.

Mom: Bae Manotia hee?

Son: Uz.

Mom: Neytsyk duhil pho?

Son: Limatyka on cat?

Mom: Bohil!

Son: Duy Moza?

Peaceful conversation seamlessly switches to higher tones.

Mom: Zog!

Son: Gum!

Mom: Doha pateka?

Son: Kotz, Kotz!

Mom (softly): Lahi poo.

Mom was like a pear, gray Baer, son – on yellowed cucumbers with pimples growing on an abandoned garden. But before we continue to monitor our heroes, I propose to make an excursion into the past and present of Odessa.

In Odessa, always have been and will be the three joys: the sea, the city and the neighborhood. If you go to the city, make sure you go out to sea. Sea – a sea, with it considered, it earn. How much? Much as you can.

Sea – affectionate, gentle and defenseless in the summer and winter prickly and irritated. With winds and cries of seagulls, it lives on top of the nerve endings of time, head buried in the horizon, not wanting to recognize everyday. Sea – not showcase and aquarium. This is Rome, the Creator created long before humans. The sea is always in anticipation of heavy sky leaden clouds, lonely figure on a deserted beach.

Speaking of the sea, one can not say about sailors. Not so long ago it was a special caste. Sailors waited. Sailors loved. On their return to the city turned into a flea market chic with chewing gum and ballpoint pens, nylon jackets and cloaks bolonevuyu with “Marlboro” and jeans.

Neighborhoods, where crowds of tourists and where real live people from Odessa, are two different cities with strife and nomadic raids Alaska. First – lazy and imposing, well-fed and unhurried in his actions and thoughts, the second – a humane and angry, cheerful and gloomy, fenced off from the successful and hopes unsettled life, crying children and the tired streets, diseases and ailments, eager to earn a lot on the eve of a lack of money. Oh these eves – reliable and loyal friends Odessites!

And finally – the patio, it has always been a stronghold of the material and spiritual neglected, strongly corroding it from the dilapidated dwellings as poison rats. And so it went, until it appeared Axles and David, who from morning till evening tweedle. From this point on patio turned into Babylon, and if not for the scandals and women of easy virtue, the tenants would have died of boredom and monotony.

Miserable buildings were usually semicircular, and patios like a horseshoe, just do not say “for good luck.” Here without a horseshoe with his head. They fought to the death, tightly pressed against each other, oh, these single storey skyscrapers! They, you know, keep a perimeter defense. From whom? Yes, all at once, and the time before total.

Now back to our yard to ask mom and son one question: “Do not you can talk normally?” When I decided on this, they faced each other as number 6 is opposed to 12 digits on the dial. My question brought them out of balance, and they are in motion. Mom started to move with such speed that her head bobbed like a porcelain Chinese idol. At this time, the son then approached me, then pulled away, looked like a masterpiece. I did not know how to behave. But when they are holding hands, started to drive around me dance, it seemed to me that the earth goes under your feet. This went on for about ten minutes. Everything happened in complete silence. I felt that my question appeared inappropriate and tactless. They did not know how to explain my philosophy of life, and therefore there was a dance. Once I thought about it, my mother spoke to me in a familiar language.

“We did not invent the word, we come up with meanings and express yourself in the sounds, harmonies, drawing from our subconscious feelings and sensations, and understand each other. With each such dialogue becomes more refined our ears, he, like a tuning fork, sets the soul, not chasing us everyday speech into a Procrustean bed repetitive and monotonous life. Now we are preparing to enter into the city, as if we are going to travel around the world. We – the tireless romance, and who of us Don Quixote and Sancho Panza who – not all the same. We’re going to open worlds that since Adam live in us. You do not need a lot of money, they do not need because they do not need any other country, no other city. “

I saw his eyes come alive this older woman how to change her face. A little way off stood a son and smiled.

Her lips gave me the impression last “goodbye”, and again I heard the familiar jumble of sounds. Their faces appeared earlier masks, and they slowly went to the city in search of Dulcinea.

parent reason?” – Thought Gloza and then, in front of everyone, kinder, picked up the Blyunyu, kissed my mother put her head on his shoulder and a tear Gelika. Still, what a blessing to have children, such a caring husband, a good mother and a friend Chalikov! Maybe he’s wrong, but in its own way. Or maybe he knows better. And the fact that we often lend him and do not give, so who does not happen.