Chalik and Gelik

Chalik did Gelika drym. Not that Gelik upset, he just had a very rotten. After all these years together kichpukalis, and then for no apparent reason. “Well now hlikat” – thought Gelik and walked aimlessly, home. Gloza, Gelika wife, when she saw her Chimerica immediately guessed what came with it hafoydyk nedoshmonykom. 

– I love you, prizadurok, warned, but you only listen to his kotsyka, here and got what he deserved hlyumbu. Especially that Chalik not the first time for you gimbetsnul tihofutsyku. What can I say, I’d better be engaged boydykami yours. Your favorite Blyunya third day sitting on a pot as Princess and the Pea, and this in such a pope-king azohinvee. 

Gelik spread his feet and walked toward Blyuni. At this time came and senior Chmotsyk, as if nothing had happened, and asked podoydyki anything on the second. Gloza widened their gubyzyki and immediately gave him the third so that he has nothing more to nehufytsal the supper. All it would cost if the bay, mom Glozy not overheard this shlimazelschikom daughter. 

– How can you keep in the house this drymba had long wanted to make him hendots. But no, you were a little one Chmotsyka, so you have started a Blyunyu. So with these boydykami nosis, and I’m here with? 

– Mom, yes you never being. And I do not remember your sifirdyka, my papichku as he drank blood from you and still managed to bite my. So, Mom, let’s not duhlitsya, let everything go as it stands. Life is not so delicate a thing as you vtemyashit to their wounded Dumka head. Do something simpler. Remove the last in the house or will affect our neighbor Putsyku on the brain and nerves. After all, you know how to do well. 

– Aw, Gloza, let it go! You always perevedesh conversation away, and I do not like. 

– Mom, you never know what we like, when already sick. 

– Maybe you’re right, but I want to rest! 

– Mom, do not rush it, and so you will be soon. 

Time casually coming to a close. It was time to gather all together at a round table and talk about something pleasant. “Well as you can like this, for no apparent reason?” – Thought Gloza and then, in front of everyone, kinder, picked up the Blyunyu, kissed my mother put her head on his shoulder and a tear Gelika. Still, what a blessing to have children, such a caring husband, a good mother and a friend Chalikov! Maybe he’s wrong, but in its own way. Or maybe he knows better. And the fact that we often lend him and do not give, so who does not happen.